Me and my Lottie Dog

Even though she’s named in the title of this blog, I’ve never even really written about my beautiful, crazy hound Lottie.

People often ask how I cope with the dog as well as the kids and let me tell you, juggling an almost 3 year old, a just turned 1 year old and an energetic Labrador is bloody hard work. It’s relentless, it’s tiring and I often think the hubby loves the dog more than he loves me! (Truth is, he just doesn’t get as much grief off the dog, gulp!)

There are days (most days now) where my eldest declares “I not want to walk Lottie!” and I find myself saying “yes, but mummy has to look after all 3 of you and walkies are what makes Lottie feel happy!” It is a bit like having a 3rd child at times and occasionally I think awful thoughts like “would life be easier if we didn’t have her?” Easier maybe, but definitely not better.

So with all that in mind, when my lovely friend Edwina asked if I fancied a weekend on the Isle of Bute with her, why on earth did I say I’d bring the dog? I could have had a completely carefree weekend!

Well I brought her because I knew she’d love it and she deserves a break from her fairly monotonous life too.

The unconditional love, affection and loyalty you get from a dog just makes it all worthwhile, even though she is frequently, an absolute pain in the arse. And does the WORST farts! (Sorry Ed, bring a peg for your nose next time!)

And here we are! Beautiful, isn’t it? We saw seals and porpoises on the ferry ride across, seals on the beach this morning and a deer in the garden!

I’m so glad I brought the dog as seeing her happy little face frolicking on the beaches is the BEST. She hasn’t had to have her muzzle on once either. And I think it’s done us good to have some time out together. Yes, I’m very aware that I’m talking about a dog, but she’s part of the family too and I’m so caught up in the daily grind of trying to keep 2 small children happy, running a household, medical appointments, trying to hold a part-time corporate job down, general life admin and remembering to send (and often forgetting) Birthday/thank you cards out that I don’t always appreciate her enough.

I’ve just felt incredibly calm since we arrived. It’s the sea air I think….so therapeutic. If I ever needed healing, this would be the place I reckon!

I’m glad we’ve had this time together, and how often do I get the chance to sit in a garden on a Saturday afternoon with this view, a stack of magazines, no schedule or demands and the contented sound of a happy doggy chewing her bone?

I do love my kids more than words but it’s SO good to take some time out occasionally. I feel very lucky to be able to do this, can’t wait to give them all a big kiss tomorrow. 😍


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