My big boy is three TODAY (gulp!) and I’m wondering where exactly did those 3 years and that tiny crumple faced newborn boy go? That baby that I held and didn’t think I knew what to do with. That baby with whom I couldn’t see past those first few sleep deprived weeks with, and thought I’d be cradling a helpless little newborn who wanted milk every 1.5- 2 hours FOREVER!

Annoyingly, it really is true what they say about the days being long but the years going quick, because suddenly that baby boy turned into this totally crackers, generous, caring, witty and very, VERY talkative little boy.

Now don’t get me wrong, the change from terrible twos to threenager-ism is torturous at times. The tantrums are so much more intense, there’s the contradictions, the answering back and the daily battles to brush teeth /get dressed/ get undressed etc etc. There’s the constant shouting “NO, you talk to ME! Mummy!” if heaven forbid I should ever dare chat to someone else, like his Daddy for example. There’s the daily routine of pulling every single scatter cushion of the sofa to make into fire engines, relentless requests for Paw Patrol and the casually throwing everything I ever cared about on the floor. There’s the refusal to eat anything but chocolate and cucumber some days and the whole-I-dont-need-a-nap-but-I-do debacle.

As you can see that bit isn’t going all that well. No nap and it’s like his head is going to fall off, but napping makes bed time a write off!

Oh and there’s also the laying in bed bellowing “MUMMY! MUMMY!” at silly o’clock. Today it was 5am and he had an urgent need to…..tell me about Skye from Paw Patrol. Urgh.

But….the good bits still outweigh the bad, and I’m so proud of my lovely little boy. He gives the BEST cuddles and over the last few days has said and done a few things that have changed my (slightly FML at times) attitude to it all.

Last night, as we read Stick man together, he gave my back a little rub, and said “Am i making your back better mummy?” so I said “yes” and he said “GOOD. Can I have some horsey rides tomorrow?” Damn. I forgot that I’d been using my “bad back” as an excuse not to do horse rides for the last month or so! The boy is cleverer than me already. I’ve got no chance.

But the thing that really got me thinking was this exchange we had the other day.

T: Mummy, do you not like it when I am crying?

Me: No, it makes me feel sad when you cry. I like it best when you are smiling and laughing.

T: (thinks for a bit) Ok, mummy, I’m just going to smile and laugh a lot today!

Now, he didn’t quite manage that, because an almost 3 year old can find an awful lot to tantrum about in the 12 hours they’re awake each day, but he almost did. And it got me thinking, he probably prefers me when I’m smiling and laughing too. So I’m going to try and do it more! It’ll be tough because he drives me insane in the membrane at times, but I have to lead by example, right? He’s just learning about the world and I’m learning about the the crazy world of being a mum. I’m 1096 days in and it’s not getting any easier, but I wouldn’t change it.

Anyway, that’s quite enough rambling from me….Happy Birthday to my gorgeous little man. Can’t wait for many more years of your hilarious chat. Although seriously….I don’t want or need to hear about Skye or anything to do with Paw Patrol at 5am (or any other time for that matter!) Apart from that, dont ever change because you’re so full of life and (99% of the time!) an absolute joy to be around!

Love you to infinity and beyond young man!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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